Detox Wraps Langley

Detox Wrap

Effortless + Ageless

Whole-body detoxification in 2 hours

Universal Contour Wrap Classic offers a safe and effective way for men and women to lose inches/centimeters in approximately two hours. Our exclusive wrap process is carried out using 6” (15cm) wide contour wrap bandages that are soaked in warm natural sea clay solution.

This giant effect is naturally going to extract toxins and poisons from the body’s soft tissue (adipose fat tissue). As toxins are being removed, the skin is exfoliated, inflammation is reduced, and the body appears slimmer.

We utilize special techniques to help lift the buttocks and breasts, flatten the bulges on the thighs and abdomen, emphasize the waistline and tighten the skin overall.

scientifically Proven
 Detox Wraps Langley

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