IV Therapy Langley

IV Therapy

Effortless + Ageless

Improve your health from the inside out

IV therapy is an effective way to prevent illness, boost your energy, and support your immune system. Your body’s immune system works every day to protect you.

During IV Therapy higher concentrations of the vitamins and minerals, your body needs are directly infused into the bloodstream. This means you can absorb a greater amount of these essential nutrients than taking vitamins orally.

At Thrive, our IV treatments are prescribed by a Naturopathic Doctor and are tailored to your body’s specific needs after an assessment. They are then administered by one of our Registered Nurses in our relaxing IV Therapy Lounge.

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IV Therapy Langley
BC Naturopathic Association

BC Naturopath on Staff

Registered Nurse

Administered by a Registered Nurse

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