Services That Transform You


Body Sculpting


The truSculpt iD is the premier clinically proven way to safely and effectively rid yourself of stubborn fat cells permanently.   Call for pricing.  

Light Therapy 

Blue, Red and Near-Infrared LED photobiomodulation used for chronic and acute conditions, nerve damage, scar tissue, anti-aging, head trauma, stress management, concentration issues, and more.  20 minutes.   $49 / 40 minutes.   $69 

IV Therapy

​Essential vitamins delivered directly into your bloodstream for an instant boost of immunity and vitality
Your safety and comfort is important to us. All new IV Vitamin patients will be required to complete a Naturopathic intake prior to your first session.
IV Immune. 40 minutes.   $145 $72.50
IV Myers. 20 minutes.   $85 $42.50
Double Myers. 35 minutes   $115 $57.50
B12 Injection. 5 minutes   $20
Thiamine Injection. 5 minutes   $10
Amino Acid Add On. 5 minutes   $10
Vitamin C Add On. 5 minutes   $15


Muscle Toning 


Electro-muscular stimulation used for inch loss, body contouring, and muscle building. 35-45 minutes.   $65 $49


Detox Wrap

Full body detoxification wrap used to achieve lasting inch loss and reduce harmful toxins that can become trapped inside skin’s delicate tissue. 120 minutes.   $175


“Love yourself first and everything else falls in line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world.”


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