LED light therapy has become well known as a convenient and safe way to treat problem skin. This treatment is non-invasive, calming and possesses many benefits to help restore the skin. The LED light therapy emits bright light diodes that send a harmless level of light energy under the surface of the skin. This treatment is a much more careful, kinder solution to natural, younger-looking skin that also happens to be less expensive than plastic surgery.
Poking and prodding into your skin to look younger or trying invasive cleansers and creams for your acne can ultimately do more harm than good. Check out why LED light therapy is a great alternative to treat acne and as a tool for anti-aging.

Red LED Light

The outer layer of your skin, also known as the epidermis, can be treated with the red LED light or infrared light as the epidermis will absorb the light and stimulate collagen development. The development of more collagen means the skin will appear softer, fuller and younger by reducing the visible appearance of aging such as wrinkles and fine lines. The infrared light is also believed to reduce inflammation, which can ultimately improve blood circulation, giving the skin a healthier glow.

Blue LED Light

Blue light therapy combats the oil glands, also known as the sebaceous glands on the skin, which are located underneath hair follicles. Oil glands are natural and essential to keep the skin and hair lubricated so it doesn’t completely dry out. However, these oil glands can also overproduce and become hyperactive, causing acne, blackheads and oily skin. The blue LED light can target the sebaceous glands to control them and make them less active. The result is often less acne, fewer breakouts and less oily skin. The blue light can also eliminate bacteria underneath the skin that causes acne, which can make managing cysts or severe acne much easier.

Is a LED Light Therapy Treatment Safe?

LED light therapy is extremely safe and effective, however, it is always a more responsible and safe decision to have your treatment completed at a certified wellness clinic. The LED lights do not contain any UV rays and the therapy is completely non-invasive. This treatment is considered a much safer form of anti-aging and acne treatment than invasive surgeries. LEDs do not damage or burn the skin as laser therapy can do. LED light therapy also does not harm your eyes and can be quite soothing and relaxing for your skin.

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