Our Testimonials


Thrive helped me with psoriasis on my arms and legs which has affected me for years. Their customer services was impeccable, and they took time to understand my concerns fully. The psoriasis almost completely cleared up after just a few treatments. I highly recommend Thrive.
~ Margaret C

When I first came to Thrive I struggled with a knee pain and anxiety. After 10 sessions of light therapy my pain had diminished so I could play basketball again and my anxiety decreased, improving my sleep and overall well-being. At Thrive they treat you with utmost respect and professionalism. Go see them at Thrive; they can help!
~ Antony M

As time rolls on, I was hoping to turn it back a little. The collagen building effects of the light therapy is amazing! They also treated my arthritis. I feel and look easily 10 years younger.
~ Jacquie H

Even as a personal trainer I have struggled with the look at strength of my thighs. Thrive’s competent and professional staff provided me with the targeted muscle therapy to gain an edge. My thighs have never looked better! I refer my clients to Thrive for their unique and successful services.
~ Grace B

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