It’s no secret that our bodies need vitamins and minerals to function optimally and healthily. Theses nutrients play a vital role in energy production, immune competence, blood clotting, sugar, hormone regulation and more.

Since our body cannot produce these nutrients, we must obtain themfrom outside sources, mainly food. The nutrient content of each food differs, which is why medical professionals recommend eating a varied diet.

Unfortunately, modern-day lifestyle makes it difficult to get what we need. Most diets lack often lack the number of nutrients we need. Other factors such as prescription medicine, chronic diseaselifestyle choices, living environments, jobs and stress can also lead to vitamin deficiencies in many people.

Are you wondering what IV vitamin therapy can do for you? Here are the top five reasons why you should consider IV therapy, today!

1.  Immune Support

Chronic stress and lack of sleep are some of the most common reasons for a poorly functioning immune system. Some vitamins that can help boost your immune system are:

  • Vitamin C– a potent antioxidant that plays a large role in proper immune function, essential for repair of tissue and enzymatic function.
  • Vitamin B Complex– a mix of eight B vitamins that helps to prevent infection, is essential for blood cell production, decreasing fatigue, and promotes hair & nail growth.

2.  Muscle Growth & Recovery

After each physical training session, your muscles require energy and nutrients to repair and grow stronger. The following vitamins are essentialwhen it comes to getting the gains you want:

  • Vitamin D– although available in sunlight, it can be hard to come by during winter or if you work long hours indoors. This vitamin supports protein synthesis, an essential process for muscle growth and repair, and is an extremely important immune regulator.
  • Vitamin B12– a key player in muscle growth and can usually be found in fish, poultry and dairy. Vegans and vegetarians run a higher risk of being vitamin B12 deficient.
  • Vitamin A– helps fight free radicals, supports muscle growth and is important for eye and vision health. Alcohol and chronic illnesses, such as diabetes, can lead to a deficiency.

3.  Mood Boosters

Our mood is strongly linked with our visual health and energy levels. Vitamin B6, vitamin B12 and vitamin D promote proper energy synthesis in the body to help elevate your mood. Iron deficiency is also a common cause of fatigue because it decreases the supply of oxygen to the tissues. The feelings of fatigue can decrease motivation and mimic symptoms of depression

4.  Healthy Skin

Vitamin C plays a role in enzyme function, allowing for collagen production that improves skin elasticity. It also helps repair damaged skin and reduces the appearance of wrinkles. Vitamin E can decrease skin inflammation to minimize signs of sun damage, such as dark spots and fine lines.

5.  Fight Chronic Fatigue

IV vitamin therapy is beneficial when used to supplement medical treatments for chronic diseases. If you suffer from chronic fatigue, pain, nausea, headaches, or hormone imbalances (perimenopause or menopause) a customized cocktail of vitamins can bring relief.

At Thrive Aesthetics + Wellness, our IV treatments are prescribed by a Naturopathic Doctor and tailored to your body’s specific needs and goals. Book an appointment at our clinic today and feel your very best!