​In order to determine whether or not you are a good candidate for non-invasive body sculpting, it’s important to first understand exactly what it is; a body contouring system that will help eliminate stubborn fat in problematic areas like the thighs, abdomen and back. There is no downtime to these treatments, and radio frequency and heat are ideal to target and destroy fat cells in these areas. Non-invasive body sculpting is effective and safe and if it is something you are interested in; the following information will help you decide if this procedure is right for you.
TruSculpt iD has the leading technology in the industry, it uses radio frequency and heat to eliminate fat cells and tighten skin. You receive a consultation where experienced TruSculpt technicians will customize your treatment based on the information gathered to obtain your desired outcome.

Men and Women

It is suitable for both women and men, no matter your body shape or type and is suitable for all skin types. If this is you then body sculpting is perfect for you.

The session is only 15 minutes! There is no visible downtime after the procedure, and you can resume your normal activities. It is not painful, and by some clients the session has been described as similar to a hot stone massage. If you don’t want to go through a painful surgery and avoid a lengthy recovery this is a great alternative as truSculpt iD treatments are non-surgical and requires no needles.

Another positive is the way the body gets rid of the fats cells that have been destroyed. The natural and healthy way, our bodies dispel these cells through our lymphatic system. It is ideal for patients that believe in the healthy and safe way compared to our competitor. You will need to wait 12 weeks to see the full results of your truSculpt session. Remember that body sculpting is meant for fat loss, not weight loss, so it is not an alternative to dieting or working out.

As Cutera, the company that builds the truSculpt iD waited 12 years to introduce this technology they have a great deal of clinical studies backing the results. Check out Cutera’s website for all the links.

At Thrive Wellness Centre we offer a variety of services: LED light therapy, detox wraps, electro-muscular stimulation as well as the revolutionary, non-surgical truSculpt iD. If you are searching for places near me and insist on a holistic, personalized and safe was to sculpt your dream body, then look no further and contact Thrive Wellness Centre today!